Chromatic Chaos

About Chromatic Chaos

Chromatic Chaos is a fractal app under development by Ardeasoft Limited. It generates Mandelbrot, Julia and sine and cosine Julia fractals.

The Mandelbrot Set

The famous Mandelbrot looks like a symmetrical inkblot.


With the app you can zoom into the Mandelbrot and explore it. This example represents a zoom of about 35000 billion, or 3.5 x 1013. If you take the original Mandelbrot as being 4cm wide, then, at this magnification it would be:

4 x 3.5 x 108 km = 1.4 x 109 km

According to NASA the average distance of Jupiter from the Sun is about 8 x 108 km, that makes the diameter of its orbit about 1.6 x 109 km, so these sizes are are of the same order. This gives an idea of the immense size of the artefact that can be explored with the app.

Other Mandelbrot images

These images are zoomed images of different parts of the Mandelbrot.

Julia fractals

Each point on the Mandelbrot has a corresponding Julia fractal. These are examples. Again you can zoom in by millions of times.

Other fractals

Other fractals related to the Mandelbrot and Julia fractals can be generated with sine and cosine based equations.

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